Anil Hotchandani – Chairman & Managing Director

Anil Hotchandani initiated his real estate business in the year 2000 with aim to make the Group ‘an icon in the real estate sector’. Due to an unfortunate demise of his father in his growing up years, he is proclaimed to be called a self-made man. Gaining a 30 year experience with multiple businesses ... like trading of steel, tiles, ceramics, marble, government contracts, etc., he strived on his own to reach his life goals. Real Estate is the sweet fruit of his past meticulous struggle that has grown into a tall tree that promises to stand firm and rigid. He has gained knowledge and expertise of this sector by working in various micro markets of the state like Navi Mumbai, Nashik, Shirdi, Dhule and Jalgaon. He mentors all the departments of the group but majorly governs the finance department. He demonstrates strong leadership skills to take his business a notch higher with the determination to shape the city’s real estate scenario. Boasting about his strategic excellence and brilliant interpersonal skills; he has beautifully blended traditional business learnings and modern-day acumen to prevail over the Indian market. He believes in giving back to the society by getting into various social activities. After all, he understands and respects every little deed of an individual!

Sonu Hotchandani – Director

With a firm belief that a judicious approach based on right knowledge and market research is the basis for any business to thrive, Sonu Hotchandani holds an important position as the Director of the group. He is a second generation developer and his acumen on miniscule details has always led the ... company on a progressive path. He inspires everybody around him with his helpful and modest demeanour. His resolution on leading the company with values and principles is par apart. Following the right business ethics and morality all his life, he proves to be an honourable businessman.

Amit Hotchandani - Director

Acquiring the skill-set required for real estate development business due to an exposure at an early age of 18, Amit Hotchandani is not only a Business & Management graduate from UK but also one of the most progressive thinker holding an important position of a Director. His acute sense of business ... has made him responsible for the strategy, land acquisition, product planning and designing, legal and liasoning. His human strategic expertise and an all-round knowledge inherited from the family have led him to acquire profitable deals for the firm. He might be equal to all but he is par excellence with his core responsibilities.

Aashish Hotchandani – Director

A young and a dynamic inheritor of the firm, Aashish Hotchandani successfully leads the team of operations with perseverance, agility and patience. He has always believed in a quality product delivery. He and his team cumulatively work to create value and sustainable growth patterns within ... the group with an approach that is out-of-the-box, unique and modern. He entered the real-world with the right sense of business ethics and determination to achieve anything and everything which was endowed on him by his family. He owns his mind and implies it to the effortless functioning of the firm. He proves his mettle by being the backbone of the firm!